iopromide Concentrate for solution for injection 300 mg/ml, 370 mg/ml - 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml

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It originally entered the pharmaceutical industry in 1987, when it introduced blood derivative products to Europe and became the exclusive distributor for prominent European brands. Oncology, hematology, dermatology, radiology, rheumatology, immunology, and OTC products are the seven main therapeutic fields.

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Iopromide is a molecule and it is used as a contrast medium. It has a low osmolar, non-ionic contrast which makes it ideal agent for intravascular use. Iopromide is used in radiographic studies such as intravenous urograms, brain computer tomography and CT pulmonary angiograms. Bayer Healthcare markets Iopromide under the name of Ultravist. There are several other manufacturers and suppliers of this medicine around the world under different licences and generic version. BERLEX, INC. first filed for patent of Iopromide under the brand name Ultravist and it got its Initial U.S. Approval for sale 1995. Dosage Forms & Strengths It is sold as injectable solution and the strength expressed as mg of iodine per mL, it is sold in the as 150mgI/mL (32%) or 240mgI/mL (50%) or 300mgI/mL (62%) or 370mgI/mL (77%) options. In Digital Subtraction Angiography the patient is given 150 mg/mL, intra-arterial single injection dose and for the Carotid arteries the dose is 6-10 mL. for Vertebral arteries, the dose is 4-,8 mL, where as for Aorta, the dose is 20-50 mL. for imaging Major branches of the abdominal aorta, the recommended dose is 2-20 mL, in all cases the maximum dose cannot to exceed 250 mL. For Cerebral Arteriography, the dose is 300 mg/mL given as a intra-arterial single injection dose. for Carotid arteries: 3-12 mL, for Vertebral arteries, 4-12 mL and Aortic arch injection, the dose is 20-50 mL, in all cases the dose should not to exceed 150 mL. these is a subset of total types of tests conducted using this medicine.

The cost of Ultravist

In the USA, Consumers have to pay around $208 for a supply of 500 milliliters of Ultravist injectable solution of 240 mg/mL, and this depends on the pharmacy. In India, the same Ultravist Iopromide Injection USP of 370 mg costs about USD17.

How does it work

Iopromide is what is known as low osmolar, non-ionic X-ray contrast agent for intravascular administration. The functions of Iopromide help act as a contrast agent by opacifying blood vessels in the path of flow of the contrast agent, this permits radiographic visualization of the internal structures until significant hemodilution has happened.

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