interferon beta-1a Injection, pre-filled syringe 30 mcg

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With over 20 years of expertise, it is Europe's leading specialty pharmaceutical company. They collaborate with international pharmaceutical companies to deliver novel cures and solutions to our community. Working in accordance with ethical and scientific principles, the company aims to set the highest standards for quality, safety, and value in the manufacturing and distribution of healthcare goods.

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Interferon Beta-1A Manufacturers

Interferon-beta-1a is used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis in adults (including clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease). interferon beta-1a will not cure MS, it will only decrease the frequency of relapse symptoms. The substance is available for sale in the form of a pre-filled syringe, vials, from manufacturers in various countries including Y. The drug is provided by a wide range of Interferon-beta-1a suppliers from various countries including the Y, Y, and Y. Mostly due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacturing process and low labor costs, the leading Interferon-beta-1amanufacturers and distributors are based in China and North Korea. Under the trade name Avonex, Interferon-beta-1a was approved by FDA in the US in 1996. Under the same trade name, the medication was approved by the EMA in the European Union in 1997. The medication is presently approved in many countries and is available in both generic and trade name versions. The medication is marketed under the trade names including Rebif, CinnoVex, Plegridy, Betaferon. One of the most popular branded versions of Interferon-beta-1a is manufactured and supplied by the Algerian pharmaceutical company Biotechnica Pharma Global (BPG). Other manufacturing companies and distributors from Argentina, Turkey, Israel have also successfully adapted to the demands of the global marketplace and produce a variant of the drug with Interferon-beta-1a as an active ingredient.

How does Interferon Beta-1A work?

In order to be injected, interferon beta-1a intramuscular injection is sold as a powder in vials. Interferon beta-1a intramuscular injection is also available as a solution (liquid) in prefilled automatic injection pens and injectable syringes. On the same day every week, this medicine is often injected into a muscle. On the days you inject, administer interferon beta-1a intramuscularly at roughly the same time of day. Although it does not treat MS, interferon beta-1a manages its symptoms. Even if you feel well, keep taking interferon beta-1a. Without consulting your doctor, do not discontinue taking interferon beta-1a. Your doctor's office will administer your first intramuscular dosage of interferon beta-1a. After that, you can administer intramuscular injections of interferon beta-1a yourself or with the help of a friend or relative. To learn how to inject a medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist to demonstrate it to you or the person doing the injecting. You or the person administering the injections should read the manufacturer's information for the patient that comes with interferon beta-1a intramuscular before using it for the first time. Carefully adhere to the instructions.

The Cost of Interferon Beta-1A

An online search for the wholesale price for sale of Interferon Beta-1A for distributors will reveal a wide range of costs. It will vary from store to store depending on your visit and the country of the wholesale market. The wholesale acquisition cost of the Avonex Pen intramuscular kit (30 mcg/0.5 mL) is around $7,532 for a supply of 1 kit. The retail price of Avonex 30mcg / 0.5ml solution for injection 0.5ml N4 + 4 needles + 4 pen caps in Europe reaches 769.09 EUR. The medication wholesale prices and commercial terms can vary depending on the supplier. The medication wholesale prices and commercial terms can vary depending on the supplier.

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