fermented papaya powder + dextrin + garcinia cambogia + marine collagen + horsetail earial part Oral emulsion 2000 mg + 2000 mg + 1600 mg + 1000 mg + 800 mg - 500 ml

Country of origin
European Union
Recommended use
Slimming supplements
Product description
Rhubarb root; Dandelion root; Kudzu root; Pilosella aerial part; Birch leaf; Gramigna rhizome; Tamarind fruit juice concentrate; Cassia nomame leaf and fruit; Juniper galbuli; Goldenrod aerial part with flowers; Yeast enriched; L-Theanine; Sweet clover flowering tops; Fruit Florizina; Lactobacillus casei; Lactobacillus acidophilus; Copper; Blueberry fruit; Chromium Picolinate. To meet the need for a harmonious silhouette, going right to the root of the problem: the effects of a non-homogeneous hormonal picture. Without GMOs. Gluten free. Lactose-free. Without soy.
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