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The company was founded in 1970s as a consequence of the merger of three businesses. It is a pharmaceutical firm from Latin America that produces generic and OTC medications. In the local market, they serve clients from the health sector, wholesalers, pharmacy chains, and distributors. They are known for always updating themselves and implementing new technologies and equipment in order to provide high-quality goods.

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Efavirenz is a medicine that suppresses the spread and multiplication of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in a patient’s body. It is also often labeled as a preventative drug against the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

How is Efavirenz used?

Efavirenz is commonly mislabelled as a cure for HIV and, in turn, a cure for AIDS as well. It is, however, an antiretroviral medication that is used jointly with other antiretroviral drugs. Efavirenz is commonly prescribed to patients who were exposed to injury or a situation that could be a cause for HIV. The most common branded version of Efavirenz is the brand name Sustiva. There are other, less common brands as well. Most of the time, Efavirenz is sold in joint-fashion with emtricitabine and tenofovir. Disoproxil can sometimes be added to the composition. The most common route of administration is oral since these pharmaceutical products usually take shape as film-coated tablets or capsules. This drug is not effective and, thus, is not used against HIV-2.

How does Efavirenz work?

Efavirenz is aimed at suppressing the spread of the HIV cells. It acts by directly inhibiting the RT enzyme. This is why this medicament falls into the category of non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. It cannot entirely cure HIV, yet it suppresses the production of HIV viruses in the patient’s body. This medicament should increase CD4 cell count in the blood of the patient who is taking it.

Daily dosage & other important info

As mentioned before, this drug is almost always administered and consumed in sync and together with other antiviral medication. Most of the prescriptions do outline that patients should take it once per day, before going to bed on an empty stomach. However, patients should always follow the instructions on the labels and more importantly – guidance by their doctors and health care specialists Efavirenz should only be consumed in the recommended dosage and fashion. Patients must follow the recommendations of health care specialists. Overdose might be dangerous and cause unwanted side effects. Moreover, people who are taking Efavirenz should also get frequent testing. The drug itself must be warehoused at room temperature and kept away from excess cold, heat, and moisture. It cannot be used in combination with elbasvir and some hepatitis C medicine as well.

Efavirenz manufacturers

Efavirenz is a niche medication/drug, oriented towards patients who are suffering from a particular disease. This makes supply not as extensive as it may be. Nevertheless, Pipelinepharma hosts Efavirenz suppliers and distributors from many different countries, including Brazil, Argentina, India, as well as some nations from the European Union. Our online marketplace will help any buyer find Efavirenz manufacturers close by. This will assist in getting the lowest price and finding the most attractive terms for a deal and an order. If your company is in manufacturing, supplying, distribution, or wholesale of Efavirenz, but you are not listed here - please let us know so we can add you in no time.

Cost of Efavirenz

Some sources list the wholesale cost of this drug to be around 5-10 USD (per month dosage). This could vary depending on your order, the form of the medicine as well as a few other factors. However, the price in the United States is said to be 20-40 times that with retail prices reaching even higher. Please keep in mind that the wholesale prices we mention here do not represent the figures which Efavirenz suppliers and manufacturers on Pipelinepharma might offer you. These are mere guidelines or points of reference and should not be regarded as a fact or official statistics. We guarantee, though, that if you browse the extensive list of manufacturers and distributors on Pipelinepharma, you will get an offer that is worth taking!

Buying Efavirenz on Pipelinepharma

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Side effects

Efavirenz is a medication meant to help suppress HIV. It is not intended to be used otherwise. Both overdosing and inappropriate use, as well as allergic reactions, might cause unwanted side effects. If the patient notices them, they should immediately contact their doctor and cease taking medicine also. Common side effects include: · Seizures · Hallucinations, strange behavior patterns may consist of excessive thoughts about inflicting self-harm, suicide, etc. · Dizziness, and various issues with the nervous system · A combination of psychiatric and nervous system problems · Unnatural confusion · Nausea, stomach pain, reduced appetite · Other issues related to the liver Please keep in mind that only common and not all side effects were listed.