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Diosmin is a kind of plant-based chemical that is especially found in citrus fruits. The drug is popularly used for the treatment of various disorders such as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, blood clots, poor circulation in the legs, bleeding in the gums or eyes. It is also used for treating swelling of the arms, protects against liver toxicity. The price of this drug for 60 capsules in the UK is £20. The wholesale price may differ. It is available for sale in almost every drug store. You can also place an order online for Diosmin supplements.
Diosmin is manufactured from peels of citrus fruits and is a flavone glycoside of diosmetin. Diosmin manufacturers utilize plant-based sources for manufacturing this drug. It is a popular non-prescription dietary supplement used for the treatment of chronic venous diseases and hemorrhoids. The mechanism of action of this drug has not been defined clearly. This drug belongs to a small class of agents referred to as phlebotomists. The wholesale market for this drug is performing spectacularly. The distributors claim that the product is very much in demand for its benefits.
A review published in 2016 provided moderate evidence that phlebotonics such as Diosmin helped with ankle and leg swelling. Previously, a study published in 2012 hinted that the drug may benefit those suffering from hemorrhoids. The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons mentions that a possible treatment for hemorrhoids in the initial stages could be the use of phlebotonics. Diosmin suppliers have mentioned over and over again that there is a massive demand for this supplement.
Diosmin possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Manufacturers are trying to tap into the potential of the drug to market it as an effective everyday supplement. It belongs to a class of therapeutic agents that can benefit from improving vein health. The compound is also known to boost the health of blood vessels. The medication is widely available in the form of supplements. In many cases, it is also taken along with another fruit flavonoid called Hesperidin. The distributors have benefitted from offering both in conjunction.
Diosmin helps individuals suffering from hemorrhoids by lowering the inflammation. It also restores normal vein function in individuals. Several scientific research studies have been done to study the dosing of the compound. Basically, the drug is administered orally. The dosage varies depending upon the condition. For instance, in adults, a dosage of 1350 mg of Diosmin and 150mg of Hesperidin has to be taken twice a day continuously for a period of four days. The dosage is slightly varied for the next three days wherein the patients are required to consume 900 mg of Diosmin and 100 mg of Hesperidin twice a day.
A medical practitioner is going to prescribe the dosage based on the health condition of the individual. In the case of leg ulcers, the patients are required to take 100 mg of Hesperidin and 900 mg of Diosmin Plus for a period of two months to notice any visible results. Diosmin can be isolated from various plant sources during manufacturing and also from Hesperidin which is also a fruit flavonoid. It was isolated for the first time from Scrophularia Nodosa in 1925. However, it was introduced as a therapeutic agent forty four years later its isolation. It exhibits antimutagenic, free-radical scavenging, and anti-inflammatory properties. Diosmin and Hesperidin differ molecularly. There is a double bond present between the carbon atoms in the central carbon ring of Diosmin. Hence, it is possible to extract Diosmin from Hesperidin. The component has been in use for more than 30 years as a vascular protecting agent and as a phlebotonic agent. Recently, investigations are being carried out to study other therapeutic properties that the drug may have in treating diabetes, colitis, premenstrual syndrome, and cancer.
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