chlormadinone + ethinylestradiol Tablets, film coated 2 mg + 0.030 mg

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Chlormadinone Manufacturers

Chlormadinone is a pharmaceutical product that is sold under the brand name Belara, Gynorelle, and Proatal. This drug is classified under the drug classes Progestogens and Steroidal antiandrogens among many others. This pharmaceutical medicine is indicated for gynecological problems, enlarged prostate gland, and prostate cancer in men, acne, and hirsutism in women. It is commonly administered through the oral route in the form of tablets. When administered it is 100% bioavailable for therapeutic action. It is metabolized in the liver by the processes of reduction, hydroxylation, deacetylation, and conjugation. Half of the drug is eliminated by the body within 25-89 hours which shows it stays in the body for a long time. It is excreted in urine and feces with approximately 33-45% and 24-41% respectively. It has known drug interactions with Acetaminophen, Acetazolamide, Amoxicillin, and Alteplase. Associated side effects include irregular menstrual cycle, breast tenderness, vaginal discharge, sexual dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency, and demasculinization. This pharmaceutical medicine is contraindicated in individuals with a history of thromboembolism, cholestasis, and breast cancer. This drug should not be used during pregnancy as it can terminate it and also is not recommended in lactating women.

How does Chlormadinone work?

It works by inhibiting pituitary FSH and LH secretions which in turn inhibits ovulation and hence pregnancy.

The cost of Chlormadinone

The price per tablet of Chlormadinone acetate 100mg is around 97 dollars. Price may vary among dealers.

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