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CARBETOCIN is a medication used to prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth, amongst mothers who needed a Cesarean section. It works and is known to be just as effective as oxytocin. However, the key difference is the price; Carbetocin is far more expensive than Carbetocin. CARBETOCIN actions cause contraction of the uterus preventing excess blood loss.
Abbot labs first described Carbetocin in 1974. It received approval for medical use in Canada and the United Kingdom as early as 1997. Carbetocin is sold under the brand names Pabal among others. Due to its efficacy and worldwide use, it is manufactured and sold by several companies with several patents filed for various preparations and formulations since its initial invention. The efficacy of this medicine earned it a place on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines and thus is one of the safest medicine.

Forms and Dosage

Carbetocin is sold as an injection to be administered into a vein or muscle. The recommended dose differs for different patients based on several factors, including the strength of the medicine, the number of daily doses, time gap between doses, and the duration of the administration all depend on the specific case. However, the standard recommended dose to help to control bleeding after delivery is 100 micrograms or 1 mL injected over 1 minute into a vein soon after delivery.

The price of Carbetocin

In 2018, the consumers In United Kingdom have to pay approximately £17.64 a dose. However, Globally prices vary between £8 to £40. Please note that Carbetocin is not sold in the United States or Japan.

How does Carbetocin work?

Carbetocin works by binding to oxytocin receptors in the smooth musculature of the uterus. Its actions cause rhythmic contractions of the uterus, increasing the frequency of existing contractions while also increasing the uterine tone.

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