butylscopolamine + paracetamol Tablets, film coated 10 mg + 500 mg

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It is a pharmaceutical company located in a small area with a vision of prosperity. It has been created, designed, and organized to produce medicines, which are completely safe and efficient for the end-users. It currently offers a wide range of products today, which includes more than 150 medicines.

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Butylscopolamine Manufacturers

Butylscopolamine is an antimuscarinic and anticholinergic is a pharmaceutical product and drug with a peripheral action, known by the brand name Buscopan. It is used to alleviate stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, and other spasmodic activities in the digestive system. It is also useful for preventing bladder spasms. It is not a pain medication in the traditional sense because it does not directly influence pain but rather serves to avoid uncomfortable cramps and spasms. This pharmaceutical medicine is available in form of oral tablets and as injectable solutions. It is mostly removed in the stool (69.7%), with very little in the urine (4.4%). Due to the limited absorption, just 2.8 percent is excreted by the bile. This medication may cause some adverse effects, including allergic reactions, such as nettle rash, itching, rash, and skin redness, anaphylactic shock characterized by severe allergic symptoms such as trouble breathing, feeling faint or dizzy (shock), painful red eye with vision loss, dry mouth, excessive sweating or decreased sweating, accelerated heart rate, and inability to pass urine. This pharmaceutical medicine should not be taken if someone is hypersensitive (allergic) to this drug or any of the other components in the drug, someone with glaucoma (an eye problem), a condition known as 'myasthenia gravis' (a very rare muscle weakness problem), suspected or confirmed intestinal obstruction, paralytic or obstructive ileus, severe stomach pain, and extremely enlarged bowel (megacolon). It is not recommended to be used in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How does Butylscopolamine work?

In the gastrointestinal system, it binds to muscarinic M3 receptors. This prevents acetylcholine from attaching to and activating the receptors, causing smooth muscle contraction. During abdominal cramps, contraction inhibition lowers spasms and the pain associated with them.

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