atropine Injection, pre-filled syringe 0.5mg in 5ml, 1mg in 5ml, 3mg in 10ml

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Atropine Manufacturers

Atropine is a medication used to treat anticholinesterase poisoning, AV heart block, bradyarrhythmia, and organophosphate poisoning. Atropine suppliers market the drug in the form of ophthalmic drops, solutions for injection and tablets. Atropine is one of the drugs included by the WHO in its list of Essential Medicines, which is made up of the safest and most effective drugs recommended for a health system. As an anticholinergic or antiparasympathetic (parasympatholytic) medication, atropine is frequently categorised. However, because it counteracts acetylcholine and other choline esters' muscarine-like effects, it is more precisely referred to as an antimuscarinic agent. Different forms of reflex vagal cardiac slowing or asystole are eliminated by atropine in sufficient quantities. The market for the drug is relatively fragmented and populated by a multitude of atropine manufacturers and suppliers, which are mostly concentrated in North America and Europe. The largest atropine manufacturers are companies C2Pharma, Resonance Laboratories, and Rolabo Outsourcing. Most atropine suppliers and distributors market the drug in generic formulations.

How Does Atropine Work?

Atropine inhibits muscarinic acetylcholine receptors by attaching to them and having a variety of anticholinergic effects. Additionally, the medication stops or reverses bradycardia or asystole brought on by the injection of choline esters, anticholinesterase medications, or other parasympathomimetic medicines, as well as cardiac arrest brought on by vagus nerve stimulation. When vagal activity is a contributing reason to partial heart block, atropine may also diminish its severity. Clinical doses of atropine work to offset the peripheral vasodilation and sudden drop in blood pressure brought on by choline esters. Atropine does not, however, have a noticeable or consistent impact on blood pressure or blood vessel function when administered alone.

Wholesale Price of Atropine

The costs of atropine are considerably low. The retail prices per 1ml of a 1mg/ml atropine injectable solution fall into an approximate range of 5,00 EUR to 10,00 EUR. Atropine is available for sale from various Atropine vendors at various costs. The prices of Atropine medications vary depending on the concentration of active ingredients in the formulation as well as supplier and manufacturer pricing. Also, the costs of Atropine vary depending on manufacturer and supplier pricing, whether it is a generic or trade name formulation, concentration of the active ingredient in the formulation. Atropine suppliers, on the whole, are in favor of patient aid initiatives. The price of Atropine is higher than that of such substitutes, owing largely to the more costly manufacturing process needed to produce it.

From Where to Get Atropine?

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Navigating our Pharmaceutical Marketplace

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Establishing Commercial Ties

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Quality Assurance

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