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Aprepitant is a type of medicine called Antiemetics. It is used alone or with ondansetron and dexamethasone or other medications in adults or children older than 6 months to prevent nausea and vomiting which occur as after receiving cancer chemotherapy treatment. It is also used with other medications in adults and children over 6 months of age to prevent delayed nausea and vomiting that may occur several days after receiving certain types chemotherapy therapies. Aprepitant is not for controlling nausea and vomiting which could be result of other conditions. As an Antiemetic, It actions block the action of neurokinin in the brain as it causes nausea and vomiting. Aprepitant is sold under the brand name Emend among others. Merck & Co made Aprepitant. Aprepitant got its first approval from FDA and Europe in 2003. Due to its safety and efficacy record, it earned a place on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, making it one of the safest drugs to use.

Dosage and forms:

Aprepitant is available as a capsule and as an oral suspension (liquid). In the prevention of nausea and vomiting resulting from chemotherapy, the usual recommended dose is once a day, for the first few days of cancer chemotherapy. Aprepitant is administered 1 hour prior to chemotherapy on the first three days of the treatment, even if the chemotherapy is not scheduled on days 2 or 3. It is also available as an injection for the vein.

The price of Aprepitant

In USA, the consumers pay an average retail price of $109.64 for a generic version of 40 mg capsule. The price of this medicine is significantly lower in the developing world, for example, the supply of 2 tablets of 80mg cost USD20 only in India compared the higher prices in the developing world.

How does it work?

Aprepitant is NK1 antagonist. It actions block signals of NK1 receptors resulting in a in decrease in the likelihood of vomiting or nausea. NK1 is a dominant ligand called Substance P. Substance P is a neuropeptide that sends impulses and messages from the brain. Substance P occurs naturally in high concentrations in the vomiting center of our brain. When activated, it results in a vomiting reflex. It is also vital to the transmission of pain impulses from the peripheral receptors to the central nervous system of the brain. Aprepitant inhibits both the acute and delayed emesis induced by cancer chemotherapy as it actions block substance P landing on receptors in the brain's neurons. Aprepitant crosses the blood brain barrier to bind to NK1 receptors.

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