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Anagrelide is a drug used for the treatment of essential thrombocytosis or a condition in which the body overproduces blood platelets. Anagrelide use decreases the number of platelets cells needed to control bleeding, in patients suffering from bone marrow disorder. In this disease, body makes too much of one or other types of blood cells, such as essential thrombocythemia or polycythemia vera. While it is not chemotherapy, some of the hospitals classify it as chemotherapy as it can interfere with cell development, and the prescribing regulations similar to those governing a chemotherapy drug.
Anagrelide is especially recommended when the normal course of medication hasn’t worked, the patient has a history of Thrombosis, age above 60 and has a platelet count lower than 1000X109/L.
Anagrelide is commonly sold as Agrylin/Xagrid, Shire and Thromboreductin.
Takeda Pharma in USA first filed for a patent to manufacture Anagrelide (AGRYLIN) in 1997. Anagrelide, in its oral form, imidazoquinazoline was first approved for use in the US in 1997 and later approved for production in 1998. Anagrelide controlled release is currently in the third phase of clinical trials by Galena Biopharma for the treatment of essential thrombocytosis.

Dosage and forms

Anagrelide is sold in the form of a capsule. It is taken orally. The starting adult dose of Anagrelide is 0.5 mg which can be increased to 1 mg. the daily maximum dose limited at 2.5 mg. normally the patients will experience good responses at a median dose of 2-2.5 mg/day. As the medication is taken over time, the body should witness the platelet counts begin to decrease within 7-10 days of starting the course.

Cost of Anagrelide

In the USA, the consumer on an average have to pay USD 273 for a pack of 100 tablets with prescription-strength of 500mg, whereas the same supply costs significantly higher at 404 pounds in the UK. In the developing world, it costs USD 235, slightly cheaper than in the USA. However, the prices in the USA can vary depending on the insurance and discounts being offered to people on the different program in order to reduce the overall cost of the treatment.

How does Anagrelide work?

Anagrelide works by inhibiting the maturation of platelets from megakaryocytes. The exact mechanism of action is unclear, although it is known to be a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Anagrelide is in a class of drugs named platelet-reducing agents. These agents work by slowing the production of platelets in the body. But it is hypothesized that Anagrelide selectively suppresses bone marrow megakaryocytes by interfering with the maturation process thus decreasing platelet production.

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