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A pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Europe that has been active in Europe and Asia for 80+ years. The main therapeutic areas include CNS and respiratory. Key production lines are Rx, medical devices, and cosmetics. The company's production lines are GMP-compliant.

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Allantoin is a chemical compound whose formula helps in healing wounds and skin irritations while stimulating the growth of healthy tissue in the body. Allantoin is a popular ingredient and is often the main ingredient in in anti-acne products, sun protection and care products. It is also used as a clarifying lotion because I can heal minor wounds and promote healthy skin. Allantoin is an important metabolic intermediate in many organisms that include bacteria, animals, and plants and in its organic form, allantoin naturally occurs in plants like tobacco seed, wheat sprouts, sugar beet and similar plants-based products. Allantoin is also a common ingredient in dental care products and other oral hygiene products, in haircare and skincare products and even in a range of sunscreens and other cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations and products. It is a widely used product globally, so all countries have popular brands with Allantoin as their main ingredients. Even though Allantoin is present in many products, some of the popularly known brands are Coats Aloe Creme, Coats Aloe Gelly, Coats Aloe Lotion.
The Italian physician Michele Francesco Buniva and the French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin first isolated Allantoin in 1800, who concluded mistakenly, that Allantoin was present in the amniotic fluid, later in In 1821, the French chemist Jean Lassaigne discovered it in the fluid of the Allantois. Eventually, in 1837, the German Chemists Friedrich Wöhler and Justus Liebig synthesized Allantoin from uric acid .

Forms and Dosage

Allantoin is sold as a crystalline powder and a topical ointment. It is usually white to off- white, and odourless. The doctor decides based on the condition being treated if it is a topical applicant, the quantity, and the frequency of application.

Cost of Allantoin

For the consumer a 1kg bag of Allantoin can cost USD6.5 in India, whereas the same will cost between USD 7 – USD 30 in China. It is sold for an average price of USD 18 in the USA and USD83 in Germany.

How does Allantoin work?

The loss of water in the upper layer of the skin is generally the cause of dry skin. Allantoin works by forming an oily seal or layer on the skin that sucks water into the outer layer of skin. Several products contain ingredients that soften the keratin that keeps the top layer of skin cells together. In the process, the body sheds in dead skin cells, helps the skin retain more moisture thus making the skin soft and smooth. Uric acid is the end product of the urine in human, creating Allantoin. It is for this reason that it also works as a good biomarker to measure oxidative stresses in patients with chronic illnesses.

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