Veronika Kriauciuniene
Business Development Manager

Veronika Kriauciuniene is a seasoned Business Development Manager at Pipelinepharma, bringing seven years of specialised experience in licensing and deal-making. 


During the last few years, she expanded her skills by delving into software product development, leveraging her expertise in pharma licensing and business development to contribute to the growth of the Pipelinepharma platform.


Transitioning seamlessly from business development to product management, Veronika successfully led the creation of an efficient customer and supplier management system, optimising the process of discovering and acquiring generic pharmaceuticals. Her contributions significantly improved internal processes, reducing brokering times by half.


Veronika boasts a solid track record, having managed multiple international licensing projects and deals with a total contract volume surpassing 40 million euros. Her expertise and negotiation skills have been instrumental in establishing valuable partnerships and expanding Pipelinepharma's business network.


As the product owner of an agile development team, Veronika always demonstrates exceptional project management skills, ensuring timely delivery, adherence to budget constraints, and commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.


Veronika holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology from Aberdeen University in the United Kingdom. Before joining Pipelinepharma, she gained invaluable hands-on experience in biologics development, testing, and production at a laboratory and manufacturing facility during her tenure at the biotechnology company Biotechpharma (Lithuania).