What happens when I sign up?

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up and register your product’s regulatory information;
  • We double-check the details and contact you or/and approve your product entry within 48 hours;
  • You get access to your dashboard;
  • You can add offers (commercial term sheets) for your products for your target markets;
  • You can update your product list, offers and all other relevant information whenever you need in your dashboard.

Once you register your products, we review your information to make sure everything is in place. You then receive a confirmation email. You can then add as many offers for your products as you want targeting the specific markets. You can always update your product and commercial information.
Important: If you signed up and registered your products but you haven’t heard from us within 48 hours, don’t worry — we’re still reviewing your information and will be in touch with you shortly.

Who can list products on Pipelinepharma?

If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer or the dossier owner who seeks to enter into licensing with supply, supply only or tech transfer commercial agreement, you can list your products in the marketplace. It's free to sign up and list your products and offers. You can list your product offers for any market(s) worldwide.

Can I update my product and commercial details later?

Yes. Once you’ve registered your products, you can update product and commercial details at any time: you can add or delete products, change development status, edit GMP approvals, stability and clinical data information. You can also add or delete commercial offers and amend the commercial information such as pricing, market availability, MOQ, payment terms, licensing fee, deal type, etc.

What kind of product information should I indicate?

We ask you to register this information: product generic name (INN), form, dose, dossier status, dossier type, manufacturing site approvals, regulatory status, shelf life. This is because we know that our clients need to understand product registration possibilities in their markets.

What kind of commercial information should I indicate?

We ask you to specify this information: supply price based on your MOQ and standard pack sizes, dossier license fee for the chosen market, payment terms, delivery terms, lead time. This is because we know that our clients need to understand how competitive the product is in their market. The more information you provide, the higher chances buyer will accept the term sheet.

How can Pipelinepharma help me set the prices for my products?

We usually ask you to make a commercial offer based on your Minimum Order Quantity and standard pack sizes. However, due to the access to various databases and the global network of customers that we have, our support team (support@pipelinepharma.com) can help you understand the market prices and prevalent pack sizes of specific products in various markets so that you could make a competitive commercial offer and increase the chances of the offer to be accepted by the client.

When will my products/offers be visible online?

Your products and offers will be published online in 48 hours after you register them if the entry details pass the internal check-up. We’ll send you a confirmation email once your entry details are confirmed and you can also check the approval status in your dashboard.

How can Pipelinepharma help me promote my products in my selected markets?

You can indicate your priority products, make commercial offers for your targeted markets and we can actively promote these products to our network of qualified buyers. Usually you get the first feedback from the market within 5-10 business days and sign a commercial term sheet (if the offer is competitive and attractive) within 30 business days.

How much and when do I have to pay to Pipelinepharma for service?

We work on a success fee meaning that you pay only after you get a payment from our customers. Success fee commission depends on a product-by-product and a market-by-market basis. From a dossier license fee Pipelinepharma takes 10-15% from each milestone payment received from the customer and 1-3% from the supply for a limited period of time (usually 3 years), starting from the delivery of first commercial batches. As an alternative to the commission paid for the supply we might agree on the fixed one-off commission payment which depends on the annual purchase quantity of the customer.

What do I get for the commission I pay?

Your product’s promotion to a global audience

At Pipelinepharma we are actively marketing your product(s) to Pipelinepharma networking and sales channels, internet and social media, to make sure that it is visible to our global B2B audience.

Matchmaking with qualified customers and business cases

Our dedicated team verifies and qualifies each customer in terms of company size, licensing experience, regulatory, commercial and financial capability making sure they are legitimate. Also the team qualifies each business case in terms of annual purchase forecast, deal type and market data including pricing. This gives you an understanding of your potential partner and potential business size and helps you prioritize your workflow and decisions.

Term sheet and commercial contract facilitation

All business cases made through Pipelinepharma are curated and facilitated by Pipelinepharma Customer Success Team so you have no extra steps to take on your side. On average we are closing the business cases within 6-8 weeks with a positive note of signing the term sheet or with a negative note if the customer decides not to progress further.

How do I find out how much commission I will pay to Pipelinepharma?

When you list your products at Pipelinepharma you accept the suggested commission size for each product or we can negotiate on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis and sign 1 page agency agreement each time when you get a commitment from the qualified customer regarding product and commercial terms. In such case, the commission percentage is indicated in the agency agreement. We will invoice you only after you get payment from the customer.

What should I do in case I get confirmation that my product and commercial terms have been accepted?

In case the client confirms their interest in your product and accepts your indicated terms and commercial conditions, Pipelinepharma signs an agency agreement with you (if not signed yet) and connects you directly with the buyer to sign CDA, perform dossier audit and sign commercial, technical and other contracts to start registration procedure. You just need to confirm that you are willing to work with the potential customer and agree on commercial terms.

What if I am already in contact with the customer introduced by Pipelinepharma?

In case you are already in contact with a customer introduced by Pipelinepharma and you have ongoing discussions for the same product and market, Pipelinepharma will not be in a position to get a success fee commission unless you decide otherwise. Our goal is to create value for your company by bringing new qualified and sizeable business cases.

What should I do in case I get a business inquiry?

In the majority of cases when making a business inquiry the client indicates annual purchase forecast, the market of interest and market price level, so the client expects you to make a competitive commercial offer or specify why you are not willing to progress with this particular business case. Annual purchase forecast and market price level gives you the rationale to decide whether to progress with a business case or not.

How can I be sure that the buyer has a real intention for partnering and is not only checking the information?

Pipelinepharma customer support team is performing customer qualification and once the customer accepts the term sheet we charge a refundable dossier reservation fee (Escrow) of 1.000+ Euro (depending on the business case) as a commitment from the buyer to progress with the commercial contract discussion and start product registration within 6 months period.