Product sourcing price plans for pharma buyers

Choose an affordable plan which best meets your sourcing needs — our pricing scales with your business



A buyer can search for products across all marketplace or investigate competitive situation free-of-charge

  • Search for high-quality products

  • Identify niche products with industry-specific filters

  • Investigate competitive environment

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2500 EUR per agreed term sheet

A buyer pays a fee after confirming all commercial conditions and signing a 1-page term sheet. A full money refund applies if the dossier quality is unacceptable

  • The plan includes free features +

  • Submit multiple RFQs

  • Receive commercial offers

  • Get connected to the suppliers

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Custom pricing for more advanced needs

A buyer pays an upfront fee once all project details and scope are agreed with Pipelinepharma

  • Product sourcing on behalf of a buyer

  • Search for defined product suppliers

  • Search for differentiated products

  • Search for a technology transfer, CMO change

  • Product (co)development solutions

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