Tips for submitting an actionable RFQ on the marketplace

At Pipelinepharma, we seek to make all interactions via the B2B marketplace as simple as possible. This includes registration, search, and communication. The same principle of simplicity applies when a pharma buyer decides to submit a request for a quotation (RFQ). 

And while we do process all requests submitted through the platform, there are ways that help us qualify requests in a more timely manner. Ruta Zagorskyte, Business Development Manager at Pipelinephama, gives some tips for submitting an RFQ that help turn it into a deal.

Tip #1 – provide us with relevant information

First of all, we will ask you to provide the only essential information about your company and your business case. Providing us with a link to your up-to-date website or any other verifiable online source will also help. Please note that at the RFQ stage we do not share any of this information with manufacturers.

Tip #2 – Provide the details of your purchase

We want to match you with the manufacturers that can actually deliver your order. To find the best fit for your case, we ask you to provide us with such details as deal type (licensing and supply, technology transfer, distribution, special import or change of contract manufacturer) and markets of interest.

It’s important to identify the estimated purchase quantity for at least the first year, as well as to define product dose and pack size. As we will be looking for suitable manufacturers in our database that have 84 000+ finished dosage formulation products, the more specific you get, the greater your chance of getting exactly what you need.

Tip #3 – Make use of the Comments field

There will be times when you do not have a complete picture of the business case when submitting an RFQ. In case there are several scenarios in mind or if you only have an approximate forecast, let us know in the Comments field. In case your order is not big enough to get the offer from a big manufacturer, let us know and we’ll check if there is the possibility to combine your request with other orders. 

Tip #4 – Don’t forget that you can negotiate

After we receive your RFQ, it usually takes us 3 to 15 days to get an offer from a suitable manufacturer. We will share it with you immediately, but you are in no way obligated to accept the conditions provided by the manufacturer. You can always try to negotiate better terms via the Pipelinepharma platform - our specialists are here to help you to get the best proposal. No matter the route you choose, you will be able to track the progress of all your deals in Pipelinepharma.

After the negotiations phase is complete, Pipelinepharma will facilitate the signing of a 1-page term sheet and introduce you to the manufacturer directly. After that, all that is left for you to do is finalize the deal. It’s that simple! 

Example of 1-page term sheet

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