Pharmaceutical companies in Ghana


Aidcom Ltd

Alhaji Yakubu Herbal Company Ltd

Alive Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Amponsah-Efah Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Appyko Pharmaceutical Co

Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd – Ghana

Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Co Ltd


Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

Bedita Pharmacy Limited

Benamison Healthcare Services

Bolyn Pharma Services


Caro-Donna Ltd

Ceizons Limited

Chalton Company Ltd

Chemopharm Market Service Ltd

Cima Pharmaceutical Ltd


Darl Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Elsheen Pharma Ltd


F B Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Felbet Pharmaceuticals

Floss Pharma Ltd


Ghana Co-Operative Pharmaceuticals Association

Glem Pharma Ltd

Golden Tower Ltd

Goldleaf Pharmacare Ltd


Habs Pharma

Hamenyaport Limited

Hays-Gyei Ltd

Health Concept Pharmaceutical Ltd

Heights Pharma

Hem Pharma Services Ltd

Hills Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Head Office)


Jotafa Company Ltd

J Pharmaceuticals


Kayko Company Ltd

King David Pharmaceuticals

Kojach Pharma Ltd

Kudos Pharmaceuticals Products Ltd


Letap Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Life Gem Company

Liner Med & Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Link Pharmaceuticals Ltd


Major & Co Mfg (Gh) Ltd

Medical Marketing Ghana Ltd

M & G Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Micabi Pharm Co Ltd



Ninash Company Ghana Ltd


Paddocks Co Ltd

Pamoriba Ltd

Paramedica Services Ltd

Parkerstein Gh Ltd

Pharmahealth Centre Ltd

Phillips Pharmaceuticals (Ghana)

Phinas Pharma Ltd


Rhemapharma Ltd

Rightview Pharma Services Ltd

Roche Products (Pty) Ltd


St Andrews Pharma Industry Ltd

Stevad Co Ltd

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers in Ghana

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‘Are you searching for a list of pharmaceutical companies operating in Ghana? We have curated a list of all kinds of pharmaceutical businesses that operate in Ghana, be it small scale, mid sized or ‘the biggest companies. Our directory provides you with an easy access to information about these companies in just a few clicks

An Insight into the Pharmaceutical Industry in Ghana

We list all kinds of pharmaceutical companies be it international suppliers, manufacturers, distributors or retail pharmacy chains. Not only this, we have a global 82B reach spanning all kinds of medical providers across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. So. if you want to establish long lasting business relationships anywhere in the world, you can check the pharmaceutical companies in other countries to get in contact with the best possible business partners. This is how our directory gets you in touch with medical companies across continents.

Entering into the Pharmaceutical Request

As an extension of our innovative 82B marketplace this pharmaceutical companies directory helps not only pharmaceutical companies in Ghana but also industry experts and all other concerned parties dealing with pharmaceuticals throughout the globe. To strike a deal the ‘manufacturers and the dossier owners can look for the distributors for their pharmaceutical products. And vice-versa, the wholesalers and the distributors can look for the suppliers and the ‘manufacturers of the pharmaceuticals supplied from Ghana.

Detailed Profiles of each Pharmaceutical Company

For now, we have just listed out the names of the pharmaceutical companies in different countries including Ghana. We strive to expand the information base to give specific details on each company on the list. This will include but will not be limited to the official address and the company website information.

Are you missing from our list of pharmaceutical companies?

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