How it works?

If you identify a pharmaceutical business or brand which you would like to acquire, you can contact us through an easy-to-use online platform and describe your interest. Pipelinepharma business development team sends you a standard buy-side agency agreement and once it is signed, shares an Information Memorandum with you so that you could evaluate the acquisition asset in more detail. If you are happy with the description, we help you reach an agreement: prepare NBO (non-binding offer), make the due diligence, finalize binding offer, sign asset transfer agreement.

What kind of pharmaceutical assets can I find for sale on Pipelinepharma?

The listings available on the acquisition site are as diverse as the companies who list them, so you can find anything from a pharmaceutical factory, R&D center, pharmaceutical company to a brand or any other type of pharmaceutical asset. Find out what is already available for acquisition.

What do I have to do if I find a company or brand listed on Pipelinepharma that I want to buy?

If you identify a company, brand or any other pharmaceutical asset listed on Pipelinepharma and you want to buy it, you can contact us via easy-to-use online platform. It is important that you indicate your name and company name as well as phone number and e-mail address because these will be the channels for Pipelinepharma business development team to get in touch with you.

What are the fees that I have to pay to Pipelinepharma for the service?

There are no fixed fees for the service. We sign a buy-side mandate with you and agree on the commission size. We work on a success fee meaning that commissions are paid by you only in case the acquisition contract is signed between you and the asset’s owner.

How can I be sure about the quality of the company or brand that I want to buy?

We have a standard industry specific pre-auditing questionnaire where the asset’s owners provide all the details about the property they are selling. A non-confidential information is shared with you on the platform. A confidential and more detailed information about the asset is provided in the Information Memorandum which is shared with you after a signature of a buy-side agency agreement. It is your responsibility to make the due diligence and decide if the asset meets your acquisition targets.