The 'Pandemic Winners'

These Medical Companies Recorded Largest Growth

The 'Pandemic Winners' main image

The past few years have taken a heavy toll on many businesses. Nevertheless many medical companies experienced exceptional growth. Here's a few outliers.

Oxford Nanopore

  • The company's coronavirus sequencing technology has played a big role in tracking variants of the virus globally.
  • After the IPO in the London Stock Exchange, the company’s stock price surged 40%.


  • A Swiss-based company that developed a surgical mask with an ultra-thin copper coating that destroys viruses and bacteria.
  • Its' “Viroblock” technology was launched in March 2020, just as the pandemic hit. The company's revenues were up by 80% last year. 150 major brands use the technology today.


  • In cooperation with the University of Southampton, it made a major breakthrough with a coronavirus treatment.
  • The company's share price has soared by 342% since July 2020. Analysts at Numis are forecasting revenue of up to £582m from the Covid treatment next year.

Croda International

  • The company started to make lipid nanoparticles and got involved in the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine-making process.
  • Croda International is on track to make at least $200m from lipid systems this year.

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